Summer Foley

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How it Feels to be Cut and What It Really Means

Growing up in school, or in sports, you would never want to hear your name called. If it was, there was fear of reprimand or god forbid, the principal's office. Now that I'm older, and involved in industries like pageantry and theater, I want to hear my name called. Whenever I'm at an audition, I want my name or number to be announced for a call back or dance call. However... more times than not, you won't hear your name. Or there will be instances when they do call your name, and the excitement might build, but you are released or cut. 


Not good, but keep this in mind...

Now getting cut or released from an audition is never really "the end". What I mean by this is that your relationship with the artistic team and staff of the theater is not tarnished or ruined because you are not asked to stay. For example, I auditioned for The Addams Family at an Equity house, I was asked to stay and dance, but did not move past that round. The artistic team was still gracious for my time, and 9 times out of 10, they will encourage you to return and try a different show or season. Me being 5'9" and tan was not maybe the best fit for that show, maybe I was too technical of a dancer, or not enough... and that's ok. It may feel like when you get released, it's a measure of your talent or ability or appearance, and in some cases, maybe, but those are only circumstances within the realm of this audition, NOT your life. Usually, the artistic team already has this picture in their head and sometimes you may stand out too much, or not enough. That is not an evaluation of your skills, but more so what this team needs for their production. 

Emotionally, getting cut or released can be overwhelming. It may feel like "why should I even try?", "What do I get out of this?" or "why am I not good enough?". Those are questions that answer themselves with perseverance. You should try because you believe in yourself enough to get yourself to that audition and do your best to showcase what you can do. What you get out of going through the audition process is priceless. You become more familiar with what makes you most comfortable in an audition on top of connecting with others who are doing the same and the theater staff and team. These are relationships that will help you professionally and, a lot of times, personally. You are good enough. Cheesy, I'm sure, but being an artist is hard regardless of medium. Rejection is everywhere and there will be some that are harder to get past than others, but you are pursuing this for a reason. Find your reason.


Something I like to do is write down the date of when a show was going to take place. For example, I was cut from a call earlier this week where the show was going to run in April/May of next year. I wrote the dates of the run down and I'm looking forward to seeing what opportunities I can take advantage of at that time. Maybe I'll land a role in an even bigger production. There is not meaning in everything, but when what you do is your everything, there has to be. This is an industry you have to be passionate about and there is a plethora of ways to go about it. 

I hope this is helpful. It's nice to be reminded that, although very personal, theater and performing, is an industry. It's better to think of yourself as an asset to a business: what can you provide? What can you gain? Carry those questions with you to auditions. Best wishes to all! 

How to Get Yourself to the Gym

If you are anything like me... getting to the gym is UNBEARABLE sometimes. This past year, however, I think I cracked that code that kept me dreading a run or trip to the treadmill. Here are some pointers on how to not only get your butt to the gym, but also how to make it an enjoyable and more beneficial experience. 


Plan your day around your workout. I know it sounds crazy, especially for those of us who can't
even find time for a meal, but it's POSSIBLE. What worked best for me was waking up before my classes/work in the mornings. It may seem ungodly early, but the rest of your day will be a breeze. Your body and mind will thank you for releasing some endorphins and burning off the fats and or sugars that it may have hung on to from the day before. Here is a link offering some credibility and outlining the benefits of working out in the mornings.


Have a plan when you get there. This was what makes me or breaks me when I get to the gym. There will be some days I show up, not knowing what exactly I want to focus on and I'll just end up leaving. I know I'm not alone on that one. Fitness goals are always great, because as you begin to accomplish them, your body is becoming healthier while you're visually and socially enjoying the results. I don't necessarily have an arm or leg day routine, however when I go to the gym, I know there is a specific amount of cardio I want to do and then I'll focus on a certain muscle group. Make Monday your harder cardio day, so that Tuesday you can focus on your legs, and by Wednesday you're already on free-weight exercises! One good workout leads to another. If you're having trouble finding the right exercises, I recommend or if you like to have someone right along there with you, look into Xhit Daily on youtube. There you can not only get a workout buddy, but they also have chat forums where you can discuss your work out, get tips, and share your results. 


Remember that diet is directly correlated to your energy. If you can get to the gym, but have a hard time getting much done, you might want to reevaluate your diet before and after working out. This is also all dependent on what your fitness goals are. I know for me, my goal is always to develop lean muscle and tone the muscle I already have. In order to do this, I need a lot of energy because cardio is my best friend when it comes to reaching my goals. I have used this website   to plan when to eat before I run (if I do at all) and how to replenish myself after cardio or strength training. If you're having trouble with a goal and you're putting in the work, always look to your diet. There are also so many options if there are certain foods you can't stay away from. Check out keto recipes online, paleo recipes and other plant-based diets that can help you reach your goals and keep you happy! 


Have fun working out! Do I sound crazy? I hope not. Now that I have a rhythm in the gym, I love my workouts! You can catch me dancing off of the treadmill, or jamming to my workout playlists between reps. It's important to like what you're doing because all-in-all, exercise is everything. If you're solely doing it for your physical well-being, you'll be pleasantly surprised as you're mental well-being will gradually become more positive as well. The "you look great"s and the "Wow! What are you doing?" motivate me to continue to work towards my fitness goals and I hope they motivate you too. I know for myself, I faced a lot of challenges this past year and couldn't find the positivity or brightness in a lot of my situations. With the right playlist, and the right workout plan, I got myself into this groove of a workout everyday and channeled this negative energy into something that helped me physically and mentally.

I hope this helped some of you as I know these steps were vital for me. If anyone needs a great playlist, I always use the Top 40s or the Workout playlist on Spotify





Not a teen, but not fully legal= "The inbetween"

When I was younger, I would anticipate my birthday for months. Once July rolled around, I was full birthday mode for the entire month. Nothing could have brought me down from this birthday high! It was a holiday I thought everyone knew about and something that I thought could not be looked over or forgotten. I used to throw large get togethers in my old house's massive back yard where my friends and I would swing from vines over the creek, hooting and hollering and my older sisters would attend with their cool, older friends there to supervise. 

I'm not sure when this began, but each year my birthday became less and less enchanting. I did not truly notice until this year. I had a sick feeling in my stomach the day before my birthday. I was on a run and I reminded myself that I may be in a feature film this fall, which was my goal at the beginning of this year (yay). I thought about who I would be excited to tell once I get the confirmation email and everything was set in stone. I started to make a list in my head: the couple of friends I have from school, my coaches and teachers, pageant friends, and I thought my family, of course!But then... I began to cry. Not a normal cry, but a really hard cry, one I think I hadn't really had the chance to access since Jaimie passed. I found myself on my hands and knees on this sidewalk, with a mixture of sweat and tears coating my face. I'm sure it was quite the sight but I wasn't too mindful of my surroundings in that moment. Jaimie, my sister was my biggest fan. For the past two years, Jaimie and I did not play phone tag, text or run up to each other in celebration when I was home from school, but she was still the sister that said how proud she was of me, even when I would be livid with her for something that means nothing to me now. What I wanted for my birthday this year was to hug Jaimie, tell her I did it! I wanted to tell her how sorry I am... the list continues to go on. 

To those of you who read this, I'm sorry if I'm a downer or if my life seems depressing. My life is actually really exciting, and I'm about to do some big things. I have a boyfriend that went above and beyond to ensure I had a wonderful birthday, and a family that showered me with love and celebrated me from afar. This next year will be a test for me, to see how I handle the beginning of my professional career, my emotional burdens and other responsibilities. I look forward to sharing my sister's story, and with a possible feature in an upcoming film, I'll have more gusto behind my name in regards to creating a dialogue around not only Jaimie's story, but so many other's.  I want to do something in my hometown. I'm not very fond of the place I come from, and I attribute the people's behavior there to my sister's downfall, but I can't hold what happened to Jaimie against anyone. I could, actually, but I won't. Instead, in this next year of my life, I'm going to educate those, who may have bullied her, or created life-shattering nicknames for her, on the detriments of their actions. I'm going to hope these people don't teach their ways to their children, and that I can reach them through the EW Foundation and other organizations that I am proud to stand behind in regards to character building. 

No longer a teen, but not fully legal. I'm already making the most out of this in between. 

WHY travel 10 hours for 10 minutes?

Today I'm taking 3 buses, a train and an Uber. Today I'm traveling across five states for maybe 10 minutes in front of a camera? Do I sound crazy? That's not even the best part. Today I'm traveling over 10 hours for an audition that may turn into nothing, that may turn into a wasted 60 dollars... or today could be the beginning of my career in film.

This all sounds dramatic I'm sure, but this is the reality of trying to break into a business that's selective and exclusive, but for good measure. I don't know what drew me to this line of work except for the fact that it kind of fell into my lap. If I was equally as talented at math or economics, you would find me in school for that, however, my talent is performing and singing and acting. If I was pursuing another field, you would find me doing the same thing though. If it was economics, I would work tirelessly to ensure I worked at the most prestigious financial firm, or if it was physics, you would find me working at NASA. I was dealt and different hands of cards though and now my goal is to share what I was given through the greatest vehicle we have for that, film.

From what I've noticed, people who are not familiar with the performing arts or the lifestyle of it, think that we actors are incapable of making a commitment. Well gee, I wish that was true. I could have hit snooze this morning, I could have smiled at my Boston Conservatory acceptance and chosen a safer route, where I could lead a normal, college life; however, the past two years of my life have been 12 hours of class every day, hours of practice, constant fatigue, yet a constant hunger to prove myself. 

So to say, this "hunger" has me traveling countless miles to prove myself to whoever will watch my outtakes this afternoon. There's no fear that comes along with these auditions, but more so an excitement. Some day, I'll get lucky. I'll get in front of the right person at the right time and my career will take off in another direction. Until then, I'll be traveling, training and committed to myself and my career. What a whirlwind this will be. 

Life Isn't a Narrative

Life has taken a new meaning for me recently. Days used to pass by and I'd be fine with that; however, I lost someone I loved, and I lost that person too soon. Now I'm reminded every morning by this ache in my chest, this pounding in my head as a result of an accumulation of "passing by". 

Time used to be so daunting to me. Even two months ago, I'd tell myself, I have so much time. I can do that tomorrow. Yesterday I woke up and my first thought was 'why do that tomorrow when I can do it today?' I'm sure that seems simple, but there really are enough hours in the day. I used to think that multiple tasks meant a stressful week or an unproductive environment for myself, but I have gotten off my phone, (tried to) steer clear of too much time on social media and I've found a different presence in my life. The more present I am, the more I get. 

I'm thankful I competed in Miss Massachusetts America last month. When I lost my sister, I thought to myself: 'you can't do this'. I kept saying that in my head over and over again. I kept thinking of how I would have to share my story continuously without time to properly grieve. I kept doubting my ability to find the joy in the pain of this situation. What I do know, is that I have an addictive personality. It must run in my family. I'm addicted to service. Service as in working with the platform and the #statewithoutstigMA campaign. I'm addicted to normalizing drug abuse and alcohol abuse in conversation. I'm addicted to spreading the joy of recovery and preventing children and young adults from ever walking down that path. I thank whatever higher power there is that I could share my story. Coming 1st Runner Up was an honor. I doubted myself a lot during Miss Massachusetts week and thought I would maybe make the top 5. What I will say is that I have never worked harder for something. I had a lot of emotional drive, so that was my advantage. This is an experience that was so positive in such a dark time of my life and I won't forget it.

The next stage of my life is a little blurry. I've decided I am not returning to The Boston Conservatory for personal reasons. I think my life is taking me down a different road. I will still be singing and performing, but I feel it is my obligation now to volunteer and speak publicly about addiction and children's character education. I am still pursuing my education and will be returning to a university in the spring. I always wanted to take a gap year to explore and audition and these next 6 months will be the chance I get to do that. 

Life can't be explained. I could not tell you where I see myself in even a couple of months, but what I can say is I will be even closer to pursuing my career. I will be even closer to shifting my reality to resemble my dreams.