WHY travel 10 hours for 10 minutes?

Today I'm taking 3 buses, a train and an Uber. Today I'm traveling across five states for maybe 10 minutes in front of a camera? Do I sound crazy? That's not even the best part. Today I'm traveling over 10 hours for an audition that may turn into nothing, that may turn into a wasted 60 dollars... or today could be the beginning of my career in film.

This all sounds dramatic I'm sure, but this is the reality of trying to break into a business that's selective and exclusive, but for good measure. I don't know what drew me to this line of work except for the fact that it kind of fell into my lap. If I was equally as talented at math or economics, you would find me in school for that, however, my talent is performing and singing and acting. If I was pursuing another field, you would find me doing the same thing though. If it was economics, I would work tirelessly to ensure I worked at the most prestigious financial firm, or if it was physics, you would find me working at NASA. I was dealt and different hands of cards though and now my goal is to share what I was given through the greatest vehicle we have for that, film.

From what I've noticed, people who are not familiar with the performing arts or the lifestyle of it, think that we actors are incapable of making a commitment. Well gee, I wish that was true. I could have hit snooze this morning, I could have smiled at my Boston Conservatory acceptance and chosen a safer route, where I could lead a normal, college life; however, the past two years of my life have been 12 hours of class every day, hours of practice, constant fatigue, yet a constant hunger to prove myself. 

So to say, this "hunger" has me traveling countless miles to prove myself to whoever will watch my outtakes this afternoon. There's no fear that comes along with these auditions, but more so an excitement. Some day, I'll get lucky. I'll get in front of the right person at the right time and my career will take off in another direction. Until then, I'll be traveling, training and committed to myself and my career. What a whirlwind this will be.